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FLIR Unmanned Aerial Systems

FLIR UAS Mission 
At FLIR UAS our core mission is to develop, produce and sell the world’s smallest and most advanced Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS). We create innovative solutions to complex problems based on modern microelectronics, new sensor technology, creative mechanical design and efficient low-cost production techniques. We work closely with industry leading partners and a broad customer base to deliver optimal and functional products that meet operator’s needs.

Making the impossible possible 
We have set goals for our products that may seem to others as impossible to reach. Our world leading competence in nano helicopter technology combined with excellence in system integration, hardware development and signal processing enables us to continually redefine the previously perceived limit of this segment in the market. By focusing on our motto – Simplicity, Innovation, Dedication – we achieve our goals, and continue as the world’s leading supplier of market leading PRS and nano sensors.

FLIR UAS was founded in December 2007, initially building on many years of experience in micro helicopter technology and the teleconferencing industry. Since its founding FLIR UAS has always prioritised enhancing the effectiveness of the modern warfighter. This focus has created a company that prioritises its customers’ needs to deliver advanced tools for modern militaries.

During 2009 the company more than doubled in size, creating the largest PRS company in Norway. This expansion further strengthened the company’s expertise in the areas including aerodynamics, control, software, mechanics and operations. Using this increased knowledge base the company continued to expand itself as the world leader in PRS and nano sensors.

May 2012 saw the PD-100 Black Hornet PRS become the world’s first operational Personal Reconnaissance System with its deployed with UK Forces in Afghanistan. This deployment demonstrated the system as combat proven and the only true PRS; thus introducing a brand new, game changing capability to the modern warfighter.

FLIR UAS was established in early 2014 in USA to better serve the North American market and allow closer contact with US customers. Our increasing North American footprint places increased focus on the US customers as the company’s major priority. Focus within the US market includes a clear roadmap for North American operations including manufacturing and support.

Scaled for todays demands - The future lies ahead
As the world’s largest PRS Company, FLIR UAS today is uniquely set up to meet the rapidly increasing need for small “pocket” sized flying soldier sensors. By matching out internal R&D with close cooperation and partnership with customers and operators, we strive to enhance our product line with new innovative technologies. FLIR UAS carefully controls all aspects of product production and has established in-house manufacturing for all mission critical components. All parts of our product portfolio are continually reviewed to ensure that we expanding with our increasing customer demands.